Granulytic Express | Available on Shopify

Granulytic Shopify AppCOMING VERY SOON!

Get much more from your Shopify site with our easy to install Merchandising Intelligence solution, Granulytic Express.

For only $25/month, you will get access to our real-time control center which displays directly within your existing Shopify Dashboard. By focusing on what is happening on your site as it happens, we are able to use our proprietary algorithms and machine learning to identify patterns, trends and more importantly let you see what changes you can make to encourage your shopper to buy more! And, you will not have to build a team of data scientists to make it work.

Granulytic takes a fresh new approach to online data. It was created based on the idea that data science should be something that any online retailer can leverage without having to hire a team of data scientists.

  • Real-time analytics within your Shopify Dashboard
  • Data modeling, behind the scenes as customers shop
  • See what’s working and what’s not

Granulytic Shopify App

We know and understand the challenges you face on a day-to-day, even an hour to hour basis. Our algorithms and predictive models generate alerts that are succinct and actionable, it’s what we call Real-time Merchandising Intelligence.

With a direct feed, enabled by embedding a series of Granulytic tags, our dashboards give you the insights to see what to change and this happens in real-time. You know that’s what’s hot today, may not be hot tomorrow. Many factors can trigger a boost in sales of an item, so take advantage of this by knowing when this is happening.

To get started, go to the Shopify App store, and simply click to install.