The Solution

There are three major components to our service. Combining them into one offering is what enables us to deliver  the insights upon which you can take action.

We call it Real-time Merchandising Intelligence™

We enable online retailers to grow revenue more effectively.


granulytic - Real-time


We work in real-time. Unlike many analytics solutions we are not trying to tell you what happens retrospectively, instead we are focused on what is happening right now, and recommending actions



granulytic - merchandising


With a direct feed, enabled by embedding a series of Granulytic tags, our dashboards can show you what to change, with thresholds and triggers you can set. Granulytic provides alerts specifying actions to take which you can assign.



granulytic - intelligence


Leveraging our many years of experience, we have built a robust set of algorithms that look at data in a smart way, generating alerts and making recommendations that make an impact.



Merchandising Intelligence


Granulytic is a SaaS offering deployed on the Amazon Cloud. This means we can scale without issue and operate on a world class cloud hosting platform. Our control center can be accessed from anywhere, putting the data and insights you need at your fingertips.

We have a unique set of API’s which allow us to share important data elements which in turn feeds our proprietary algorithms, dashboards and alerts. Read more about our control center.

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- Product
- Search
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Dashboard and Alerts
- Product Boost
- Product Bury
- Cart
- Search
- More developed every week...

Engineered by industry veterans, our dashboards empower you with meaningful insights. Our alerts tell you when action is needed, all of this happening in real-time.


Designed to be agnostic. Built to scale


Our solution has been built to make it easy to install, to work seamlessly with your eCommerce platform and to be installed in a matter of days, not weeks or months. We are currently releasing a version which we have certified to work on the Shopify platform but this does not prevent us from completing an install on others.

granulytic - Architecture Components

As soon as we have you up and running you will instantly see actions you can take and learn about the tweaks you can make to let your business sing!