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Battling With The Big Dogs? Compete, Don’t Complain!

In a recent post on 24/7 Wallstreet, Douglas McIntyre laments the enviable position of eCommerce market leaders Amazon, eBay, WalMart and Target. There’s no doubt those four sites make up a large portion of the eCommerce spend in the US. However, I take issue with his closing point that, “No online retailer can compete with the small number of companies that lead the field.”

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The Two Faces of Personalization

Two faces of PersonalizationAs personalization and big data analysis technologies continue to evolve, new possibilities are made available just about every day. In fact, the pace of change is so staggering at times that it can be challenging to remain focused on what’s really important to your business.

With all the new opportunities available to drive personalization, one thing that’s easy to lose track of is the fact that personalization has two distinct faces. In the online commerce world, many companies give attention to one face while completely ignoring the other…if they even realize it exists at all.

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Granulytic available soon in the Shopify App Store!

You heard it right, very soon we will release a self-install version of our real-time merchandising intelligence solution in the Shopify App store.

Why Shopify?

We have always set out as a company to make the power of Data Science available to the masses. We know how difficult it can be to run an online business and we know that in most cases your time and energy goes into other things than analytics. That said we also know how valuable real-time insights can be when you are in growth mode. Read more “Granulytic available soon in the Shopify App Store!”

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Welcome a new customer to Granulytic – Total Home…

Customer - Total Home SupplyWe are excited to announce another new customer, Total Home Supply.

Founded in 2010, this group of experienced internet and eCommerce professionals have established a business that is going from strength to strength offering competitive pricing and great sales support in the supply of products ranging from air conditioners and home cooling solutions to Heated Air Curtains (I didn’t even know there was such a thing!) Read more “Welcome a new customer to Granulytic – Total Home Supply”

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Maximize Flash Sales Revenue using Data Science

Any online retailer that ventures into the realm of Flash Sales or Private Event Retailing knows the complexities that arise when organizing and conducting such a sale or event. Having limited quantities of inventory available for sale during a short time period not only requires a focused experience for the user, but should be accompanied by focused real-time insights for the merchandiser.

An event that lasts from a few hours to a few days can generate enormous amounts of data that can be overwhelming for marketers and merchandisers to consume and analyze. Also, most small to medium sized online retailers don’t have the resources available to crunch the numbers or data scientists that can. How do retailers that fit this description use the wealth of information generated by their customers? Read more “Maximize Flash Sales Revenue using Data Science”