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Welcome a new customer to Granulytic – Total Home…

Customer - Total Home SupplyWe are excited to announce another new customer, Total Home Supply.

Founded in 2010, this group of experienced internet and eCommerce professionals have established a business that is going from strength to strength offering competitive pricing and great sales support in the supply of products ranging from air conditioners and home cooling solutions to Heated Air Curtains (I didn’t even know there was such a thing!)

We want to thank the entire team at Total Home Supply for their support in helping us launch in only a few days. Not only have they been great partners during the onboarding but during the development of Granulytic, Mickey Luongo, Vice President and doer of all things, reviewed and assisted with the product development roadmap.

We are excited to start using Granulytic to learn more about our customers and their behavior so that we can optimize our site in real time.

– Mickey Luongo

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