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Maximize Flash Sales Revenue using Data Science

Any online retailer that ventures into the realm of Flash Sales or Private Event Retailing knows the complexities that arise when organizing and conducting such a sale or event. Having limited quantities of inventory available for sale during a short time period not only requires a focused experience for the user, but should be accompanied by focused real-time insights for the merchandiser.

An event that lasts from a few hours to a few days can generate enormous amounts of data that can be overwhelming for marketers and merchandisers to consume and analyze. Also, most small to medium sized online retailers don’t have the resources available to crunch the numbers or data scientists that can. How do retailers that fit this description use the wealth of information generated by their customers?

granulytic - Real-timeGranulytic solves this problem by gathering data in real-time and doing the analysis for you. Our algorithms run on a continuous basis with data generated from your site right now. When we see something that needs to change to increase revenue, we’ll alert you and include specifics on exactly what that change needs to be.

No more looking at endless charts trying to figure out what it all means. Don’t wait for a report to run after the event is over and the time to affect the outcome has passed. Stop wishing you had done something sooner to leverage a product “swarm” that arrived unexpectedly.

Merchandising Intelligence

Granulytic - Data ModellingHaving actionable information at your fingertips during an event is critical to success. We call it, “Know Now, Know How.” Something on a home page not selling well? We’ll likely know it before you do. Is a particular product a hot item but not a category feature? We’ll know that, too.

Shopper behavior changes based on events in their lives and that can influence them to interact with your site differently. If your site isn’t taking steps to meet shoppers where they are, you’re leaving money on the table.

Founded by industry veterans that have implemented hundreds of commerce sites, including some of the largest in the private event retailing / flash sales space, Granulytic understand the importance of knowing what is happening on your site and being able to take action to maximize revenue.

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