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Data science is not the same as rocket science, and it’s not something exclusively available to large businesses.

Data Science

Today, small businesses can reap the benefits of big data with the right solutions. What is most critical for these time crunched and resource constrained enterprises is having data that you can act on.

Larger companies have the luxury of human capital and with it they can create teams of data scientists to slog through data day-in and day-out. This allows them to make proposals, suggest changes, try something new in order to move the needle on sales. For smaller companies, you are focused on talking to suppliers, creating your product, packaging, shipping, inventory, rent and maybe even funding. What you need is something that is packaged and ready to go, yet adaptable to the changes in activity on your site.

Unlock the potential

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Thanks to lower costs of computing power and data storage, you can now unlock the potential of data with a solution like Granulytic. Not only do we analyze site activity as it is happening, we also give you specific recommendations on what to change in order to capture more online sales, while you’re free to focus on your core business.

If your company does not have a big data strategy, a data analysis team, or a solution in place, Granulytic can help you get started now. Customers want intelligent experiences like Amazon, Netflix, and other large online retailers, and Granulytic enables that.

The more you can learn and react to what your customers are doing, the better an experience you can create. With better experience comes increased loyalty, return visits, and ultimately increased sales.




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