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Why We Started Granulytic


Technology has changed by leaps and bounds since we at Granulytic first started working in eCommerce about 20 years ago, and what we are seeing in today’s technology world is having more impact on online retailers than any time before. Increased bandwidth, processing power, the flexibility and speed of deploying to the cloud, and numerous new technologies are converging to create new possibilities. One of these new possibilities — Data Science —  is not all that new in-and-of-itself, but has been difficult for small to mid-sized online retailers to leverage due to the availability and affordability of expertise and platforms.

The Gap

After helping many companies implement commerce sites on various platforms, we noticed that all but the largest operated with the distinct disadvantage of not being able to effectively leverage insights that were contained in the wealth of commerce data available.  There was a need for a solution that made sense of all the data, to show what was happening as it was happening combined with the smarts to suggest what to do about. And it had to be done quickly while the opportunity to make a difference still existed. It was this gap in the market that we organized around and for which we developed a solution. We call the domain Merchandising Intelligence™.  We call our solution Granulytic.

We wanted to simplify data science for online retailers. We wanted to make it accessible and actionable, instead of cryptic and confusing.

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Some frequent communications from clients over the years have included phrases like;

“I wish I had the time”, “I would love to better understand what is happening”, I wish I knew what to do”, “I wish I had a team to analyze the data”.

A friend and former client once mentioned to me that “On Friday I get my huge analytics report. I check conversions and then I delete it.”  And therein lies the motivation for solving this all too common problem. We wanted to simplify data science for online retailers. We wanted to make it accessible and actionable, instead of cryptic and confusing.

The Answer

In late August of 2016 we started to map out the design for a solution. By September we were developing and by late November we had a working prototype. After some initial review, tweaks, industry feedback and feedback from those we had worked with in the past we were ready for an initial release and on February 20th, 2017, our first release of Granulytic was available for customer install.

It’s been a hectic few months and we’ve put together a solution that has generated some interest and excitement in the market place. But don’t take our word for it. We’d love to schedule a demo so you can see our solution first-hand.


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